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Refreshing wash: FREE
Scalp Massage: FREE
Hot Steam Towel: FREE

complimentary with any cut color or blowout

Bridal consultation: FREE
Special event style/updo: $85 and up


Color consultation: $20
Re-touch: $75 and up
Partial Highlight/Lowlight: $80 and up
All-over color: $100 and up
Full highlight & lowlight: $110 and up
Full highlight & base: $150 and up
Creative color: $160 and up
Color correction: quoted

Complimentary Services:
Special Styling:
Color Services:

Salon Menu

Hair products by DAVINES

24h Cancellation / No-show Policy 

We understand that life is full of unexpected turns, this is why we provide a confirmation call, text, or email 48hrs prior to your appointment time. Per our policy, LUCE requires 48 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule an appointment. In the event that we are in that 24 hour window of your reservation, LUCE will charge a cancellation fee based off of the duration of your appointment. For repeat offenders, LUCE reserves the right to charge 100% of your services. 

Women's Cutting & Styling:

Consultation: $20
Haircut: $55 and up
Extended haircut: $65 and up
Kid's cut (under 12):not available
Blowout: $45 and up

Bang trim: $22

Eyebrow wax: $22
Lip/Chin wax: $15
Hair extensions: quoted

Men's Cutting & Styling:

Consultation: FREE
Haircut: $40 and up
Kid's cut (under 12): not available
Neckline clean-up: $20

Eyebrow clean-up: $15 

Late policy:

Clients who arrive more than 10-15 minutes late will be honored at LUCE's discretion. Out of the respect to our stylists and guests, LUCE reserves the right to CANCEL or MODIFY as needed to stay on time for all following appointments. If we are not able to accommodate your needs because of timing, the cancellation policy will still remain.


Manicure: $45
Pedicure: $55
Lux Manicure: $60
Lux Pedicure: $75

Sip and Soak: $35

Nail Bar services include hot towels, aromatherapy, hydrating mask and massage. Our Lux bar services include all mentioned above as well as hot stones a  20 minute massage and natural oil treatment. 

Gel: additional $20

10-Free polish: additional $12

Silk wrap: quoted
Specific design: quoted

Nail Bar Menu

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